Cognitive Rehabilitation

Using standardized testing (3-5 hours), a baseline of cognitive developmental abilities is measured to determine the individual's current abilities. Then through games, strategies and software; remediation activities are taught to retrain the skills that are missing or are not proficient for an efficient, flexible brain.



EEG Neurofeedback

A computer software program that provides information about your brain waves (cortical activity). The software gives you feedback as to how much 'variability' is currently in your brain when under task or trying to relax. This varience is shown in term of amplitude in frequency signals and through auditory and visual feedback, the individual is able to reduce the amplitude and symptoms causing the difficulties they are experiencing.



A variety of activities and software that provide information about the muscles, breathing and temperature in your body. The premise is if you have this information you can learn to control your body's response; lowering your blood pressure, decreasing migraines, reducing anxiety and assisting in the sleep process.

interactive metronome

Interactive Metronome

A computer generated program used to train the brain to respond, by clapping, stepping, or other motor movements. This assists an area of the brain concerned with timing. Our timing is involved in all movement, information processing, language, organization, reasoning, deduction and problem solving.


Entrainment CDs

The body will respond to a dominant sound or beat by imitating that frequency or tempo internally. When a CD is played at a speed of 60 beats per minute the heart will start to entrain to that tempo. This slows the heart rate down and relaxes the body. If that CD has frequencies conducive to low slow cortical activity then the brain will relax and fall asleep and/or reduce stress levels.
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Cognitive Connections uses Metagenics nutritional supplementation. The body and brain must have a good fertile ground to process, retrieve and recall learned information. This can only happen through good nutrition and supplements.

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