Cognitive Rehabilitation Training

We have developed a way of looking at

7 different major areas of the brain to

develop our Cognitive Rehabilitation.

We call this our Magnificent 7:

the Prefrontal Cortex, The Temporal

Lobes, the Parietal Lobes, the Occipital

Lobe, the Basal Ganglia, the Cingulate

System, and the Limbic System.

Each of these areas exhibit different

issues when they are not working in

sync with the rest of the brain. Through

our standardized development testing

and our specialized surveys we discern

where the issues are and how to

address them.

Click the links above to delve deeper

into each of the Magnificent 7 and see

some of the common issues

associated with each area.

Cognitive Rehabilitation Training

provides remediation skills to assist an individual in

learning concepts, processes or procedures that will help maintain daily living skills

and basic cognition. Skills include but are not limited to speed processing, auditory

processing, visual processing, memory skills, organization skills, and executive

function skills; i.e. reasoning, deduction, problem solving and critical thinking.


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