Testimonial - 5 Year Old Boy with Asperger's Syndrome

My five year old son D has just completed 15 sessions of neurofeedback and cognitive rehabilitation training with Dr. DeLong. My husband and I are amazed at the progress he has made! We decided to try neurofeedback because research has shown great results with individauls with ADD and ADHD. Our son’s teachers told us at the end of the year parent meeting that he had a lot of trouble with self regulation at circle time and that he was very fidgety. During table work he had difficulty remaining seated and focusing on his lessons. His teachers reported that he needed a lot of redirection to get back on task. They expressed concern that he would struggle in kindergarten unless we found a way to help him focus better, and follow the class structure of sitting and listening and completing directions.

Our son has become a changed child and student over the past two months. His teachers and we are amazed by the progress that he has made. His teachers report that he only needs help getting started with his work and then he finishes it without continual prompting to get back on task. He is now expected to fit right into kindergarten without having any problems.

At home we are also experiencing changes in the quality of his speech, the quality of his communication, and an increase in his independence. He now uses a normal pitch instead of a high pitch and loud volume. He is also able to play independently for long periods of time. Just two months ago, before starting neurofeedback, he would only play for a few minutes with each play item before moving to a different one and he always sought out my husband or I to play with him.

We are excited to see what other changes will come as D continues through the next fifteen sessions of neurofeedback. This has been one of the best interventions we have tried with D.



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