Testimonial - 9 Year Old Girl with Autism

Our daughter who we will refer to as A is a nine year old girl with a diagnosis of autism. She has competed only twelve sessions of neurofeedback (she is scheduled for 30) and we are already seeing some great changes in her overall functioning. We are noticing an improvement in her articulation and she has taken a leap in her communication skills. She has an increased awareness of things and people, and there is a slight reduction in self stimulatory behavior. Overall, her body is calmer than what it was six weeks ago. We are very excited about the changes we have seen in her after only twelve sessions of neurofeedback and cognitive rehabilitation and we cannot wait to see what happens for her after the next 18 sessions.

A few Examples of Changes in her Communication:
In the past, whenever A wanted to listen to her music CD in the car, she would always say, “Will you press the button?” But then one day, out of the blue she said, “Mom, can you put my music on for me please?”

Just two days ago, A and I went to the bank and I told her that after the bank we would go to the grocery store. She asked which grocery store we were going to. I told her either Safeway or Lucky’s. She said, “I want to go to Lucky’s”, and I said, “I think we’ll go to Safeway”. She said, “No I want to go to Lucky’s”. And I said, “Well, I’m thinking Safeway”. We did this one more time and in the end I said, “OK, we’ll go to Lucky’s”. A couple of seconds later, she said, “We were arguing, huh”, and I said, “Yes, we were arguing”, and she said, “We just had an argument.”

That has never happened before. She has asked to go to a specific store but normally if I tell her no I want to go to a different store that is the end of it. The fact that she asserted herself and then commented on what kind of an exchange we had (“An argument” She has never used that word before!) was amazing to me.

Her social skills therapists have also commented on the leap forward she has made in her communication skills and how she is now so much more socially appropriate with her peers. She talks to them using full sentences most of the time now whereas before she left out the “filler words”. She is also beginning to regulate her volume.

Examples of Her Overall Awareness:
A is noticing some things that she didn’t notice before. From the age of about four to about the age of eight, she would write on her walls in her room, and draw on them, and when she was having a temper tantrum sometimes she would throw things at her walls. The result of course is that the walls are quite marked up and have a few little dings in them. None of these marks or dings ever bothered her before.

Over the past few weeks she has started fretting over all these marks on her walls. She came to me to ask, “Can daddy fix it?” She was crying over it for a few days and she seemed distressed. So her father is painting her bedroom as I write this testimonial about the positive changes that A has made since she began the neurofeedback and cognitive rehabilitation program provided by Milestones and Cognitive Connections. I don’t know if we have seen the last of the wall artwork or not, only time will tell. But noticing that the walls are marked up and wanting them fixed is a completely new experience for her and for us!

My husband and I are so pleased with the changes we have seen in A. When we first began down the neurofeeback path we did not know exactly how it would help her but we are so glad that we chose to provide her with this treatment because it is, without doubt, reorganizing her brain making language retrieval more accessible, calming her, and making her more aware of the world around her.

Lesley Lammers


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