Dr. Lise DeLong - Education, Licenses & Certificates and Conferences & Presentations

Ball State University BS
  • Special Education
  • Deaf Education
  • Music Therapy
The Union Institute Ph.D
  • Neuropsychology
  • NeuroCognitive Processing
Licenses & Certificates
Stens Corporation
  • Certified EMG Biofeedback Technician
  • Certified EEG Neurofeedback Technician
Zengar Institute, BC. Canada
  • Certified NeuroCarePro Therapist
Society of Cognitive Rehabilitation, UK
  • Certified Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist 
Conferences & Presentations
  • “SNR Student Presentation”, Phoenix, Arizona
  • “The Alzheimer Brain”, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • “The Tourette Learner and EEG Neurofeedback”, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • “Stress in the Learning Environment”, Greenwood, Indiana
  • “Individualizing the Curriculum”, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • “Attention and Memory”, Greenwood, Indiana
  • “The Brain; individual differences”, Kentucky, Tennessee
  • “Cognitive Styles of Learning”, Indianapolis, Indiana